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About Five Gen Management, LLC.

Serving Las Vegas Since the 1940s

Ernest A. Becker I, an immigrant from Germany, made his way out to the west (California), as a land prospector (re-investor) and developer. His son, Ernest A. Becker II became a re-investor & developer who developed many projects in the San Fernando Valley. Then his son, Ernest A. Becker III was one of the visionaries that shaped modern Las Vegas. Seeing opportunity and a thriving community where others only saw arid Nevada desert, Mr. Becker purchased his first 250 acres of the Las Vegas Valley in the late 1940's. With hard work, perseverance and a commitment to giving back, Mr. Becker grew his company into one of the top real estate development and management firms in the Las Vegas Valley. A dedicated family-man and community leader, Mr. Becker had a passion for helping individuals and groups to excel and become the best versions of themselves. He developed the entrepreneurial skills of his children and grandchildren, training them in the family business of Real Estate. He would visit local schools, dressed in his familiar Hawaiian shirt and huge smile and talk to the kids about their class work and inspire them to the possibilities of life. He bought technology for classrooms, gave land to the community and donated resources and capital to local charities. Ernest A. Becker III was loved and admired by everyone fortunate enough to know him. Mr. Becker's legacy of vision, community and family lives on. The company and extensive real estate portfolio of commercial and residential properties in part are still owned and managed by the real estate professionals of Ernest III's descendants. His two grandchildren carry his legacy on through Five Gen Management.